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Company Profile

Beijing tiantaixing engineering technology co., LTD is a high-tech enterprise registered in Beijing high-tech park. The company is mainly engaged in engineering technology research and development, and the introduction of foreign advanced composite material production technology, production of FCP super fiber composite flooring and PR super polyester composite flooring. Undertake clean engineering, environmental engineering and anti-corrosion engineering, industrial automation and monitoring system. Carry out the import and export trade of mechanical and electrical equipment, metal, plastic and ceramic tower filler.


Beijing tiantaixing engineering technology co., LTD. Is people-oriented and respects talents. It has a team of engineering technology r&d, design and implementation composed of doctors, masters and senior engineers with engineering experience. In order to give full play to its own technological advantage, pays attention to the combination of the technology and products, at the same time using a variety of business channels to expand the market, widely carried out with the domestic colleges and universities, research institutions and enterprise technology center and foreign environmental protection engineering company cooperation, on the combination of technology, product development, agents, sales and the joint contracting project, to create economic and social benefits.

Use our technology to create wealth for the society!


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